R.H. Ballantyne House 

Warren & Mahoney, 1959


One of New Zealand's most significant homes by the country's foremost modernist architect.

The house was commissioned in the late 1950s by Ronald Ballantyne, managing director of Christchurch's renowned department store. Ballantyne had already called on the services of the young Miles Warren to design the new Ballantynes store in the centre of the city.  It was unsurprising that Miles was then asked to design the Ballantyne's own family’s home.


The R.H. Ballantyne house was his first large scale residential commission which enabled him to put his new ideas into practice.  The result is a thoroughly contemporary, crisply detailed and finely crafted home.  Miles describes it as being essentially Danish in character: a square consisting of a living room, dining room and kitchen, with a long bedroom wing and connecting flat-roofed entrance link.